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911 Memorial and World Trade Center Walking Tour - New York City, United States

About This Tour

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: New York City, United States
Product Code: 7260P2

Activity Details

During this indoor-outdoor walking tour of the 911 Memorial and World Trade Center, you will make your way to the Memorial Waterfalls, St Paul's Chapel, and the One World Trade Center. Take time to visit Brookfield Place, Survivor Tree, FDNY no. 10, Winter Garden, and much more.

Experience a “climate controlled” walking tour through the 911 Memorial and World Trade Center. Depending on the temperature you will be guided indoors and outdoors, weaving your way through some of the most famous 911 sights. If the temperature drops, more time will be spent inside. When sun breaks you will be led around outside sights. You will stroll through 17th-century buildings and sweeping plazas and dive inside famous landmarks, discovering the hidden city of Lower Manhattan with a knowledgeable guide.
The Greatest Guides in NYC:
Our reputable guides are as unique as the sights, ranging from faces you’ll recognize from TV to those who were deeply involved in of post 911 cleanup. They love what they do and our guests say it shows! You will also have personal listening devices, so you don’t miss a beat – no straining to hear over fire engine sirens!
Where the Indoor/Outdoor tour goes:
First stop is a peek inside St Paul’s Chapel,  or “The Little Chapel That Stood.” It’s the oldest surviving church in Manhattan that saved many lives during 911, then became the headquarters of the police and fire departments after 911. Then, you will stroll outside to the 911 Memorial Plaza (Ground Zero), where the World Trade Center, or Twin Towers once stood.
A guide will bravely recount the 911 events and their deeply personal experience of that harrowing time. Outside, you can listen to the Memorial Waterfalls and visit the Survivor Tree, the only tree to withstand the devastation of 911.
You will then pass the awe-inspiring 911 Museum and sparkling One World Trade Center, the Calatrava Transportation Hub (called the “Oculus”) and witness the enormous progress in the gradual rebuilding of the area.
Fancy a bite and a shop? We explore inside shiny Brookfield Place and the Winter Garden, a vibrant shopping and dining complex that sprouted from the debris of 911 where thousands of workers and residents relax, dine and make merry every day.
Then it’s time to bundle up and step outside (or stay inside and be warm) for the sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty, “Wall Street West” and the Hudson River, all visible from the magnificent Brookfield place indoor or outdoor plaza.
Tour Stops:
St Paul’s Chapel
Ground Zero
911 Memorial Plaza
Survivor Tree
911 Museum
Calatrava Transportation Hub / Oculus
American Express 11 Tears Memorial
FDNY Memorial Wall
FDNY Engine Co. 10
Brookfield Place
Winter Garden

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